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South West Inc - is a fast-growing artistic tattoo studio. After two years of work, we have proved ourselves as a strong and daring player in the industry.

We keep up to date, are constantly updating equipment, as well as tattooing technology. We learn from the best of the industry.

Our tattoo artists are always welcome in studios abroad, and our studio is empowering the artists from all over the world.

Creative atmosphere, panoramic views, European minimalistic interior and pro team – this is the our high standard that distinguishes us from the others.

If you are: 

- Creative

- Ambitious

- Focused on development in tattoo-industry

- If you know what you want and are ready for an incredibly eventful life

- If you have your own customer database

- Constantly working on your skill development

- Interested in a media resource and want to learn how to run a social media.

- never satisfied with what has already been achieved


We are waiting for you! 

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