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Tattoo Aftercare

A modern approach to tattoo healing

With the help of absorbent sheets:

1. Remove the first bandage the tattoo artist employs to wrap you up.


2. Gently wash the tattoo with a soft soap or a shower gel. Avoid using alkaline soap and a shower pouf. Remove all the fluid oozing from the tattoo. A thoroughly washed tattoo will have a uniform surface without lymph formation and clots. Try to reduce washing time to a minimum.


3. Gently wipe the washed surface using non-woven towels, paper towels or a clean, lint-free towel.


4. Leave the clean and dry tattoo for 15-30 minutes to let the skin breathe. Avoid direct sunlight. 


5. After 15-30 minutes, if necessary, wash the tattoo again repeating steps 2 and 3.


6. Apply Olastic Gel in a thin layer over the entire area of a fresh tattoo.


7. Fix the absorbent sheet, covering a slightly larger area of the skin than the tattoo itself.


8. After 6-8 hours remove the absorbent sheet, throw it away and repeat steps from 2 to 7.


9. On the 4th-5th day you can stop using absorbent sheets and continue to use Olastic cream to moisten the forming skin layer.


10. To avoid peeling, use Olastic cream for another 2 weeks. To maintain the brightness of a healed tattoo, apply a moisturizing oil after taking a shower.

With the help of healing plaster Suprasorb F:


Suprasorb is a special film coating that provides fast healing and reliable protection against infections and water!


Special perforation allows the skin to breathe, and therefore Suprasorb is fixed right on the day of the session and should not be unstuck until complete healing!


You will be able to observe the healing process of the tattoo without removing the bandage. This is because the film is transparent and almost invisible on the skin. Therefore, you are always aware of what is happening with your tattoo. On first days a lymph serum may appear on its surface. Do not panic, even if it turns out to be "too much." Membrane surface will allow the serum to evaporate, and everything will bounce back in 2-3 days. In addition to the lymph serum, particles of blood and coloring pigment may accumulate under the bandage. At least 10% of ink should come out to the skin surface. You should not drink alcohol, sunbathe or sweat much in order not to lose more paint and after all get a bright and well-defined tattoo. All other conditions for the maintaining of the masterpiece will be provided by  Suprasorb.


The film is removed on the 5th day. To do this, pick up the edge and pull it to the side. If you feel uncomfortable, slightly steam the film under warm water, it will be easier to remove it. After the film has been removed, you will need to moisturize the place of the tattoo regularly. The skin will peel off - this is normal.


On the 4th-5th day start using moisturizing cream to moisten the forming skin layer. 


To avoid peeling, use moisturizing cream for another 2 weeks. To maintain the brightness of a healed tattoo, apply a moisturizing oil after taking a shower.

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